Mid Century Surprise

Deck House

This 1962 Deck House was marketed as a teardown in 2015. Acting as the general contractor for the owners – an architect and interior designer – we completely overhauled the entire shell, restoring the rich, original natural materials such as Peruvian mahogany window trim, reused brickwork and Canadian cedar floor and roof tongue and groove “decking.” All the systems needed replacement requiring an extra interior perimeter wall to be built to allow for all new plumbing, electric, and insulation. We cleaned up, reused and repaired much of the original slate and wood flooring, steel windows, plywood siding, and lighting fixtures. Our goal was to honor the design intent of the original architect while moving the living space into the current time period in terms of energy efficiency standards. This home has been featured in a tour titled “Saving a Teardown” with the Friends of Modern Architecture, Lincoln and is the focus of a documentary and a book that are in progress.